PEW Series Jaw Crusher

PEW Jaw Crusher

The PEW jaw crusher is the world's leading rock and mineral processing equipment, it is the traditional jaw crusher technology upgrade. This series jaw crusher a into the market that is hard and strong corrosion of material crushing industry customers a warm welcome, has indisputably become in the world the most favored of jaw crusher.

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PEW jaw crusher is suitable for crushing and fine crushing compressive strength was not higher than 280mpa of ore and rock, is especially suitable for hard and strong corrosive material for in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramic industries. The world-class manufacturing process, the choice of the most high-end production of materials, such as moving jaw assembly by the high quality of the cast steel parts, heavy eccentric shaft by forging processing, the equipment has extraordinary reliability and durability.

Jaw Crusher Working Principle

The main parts of the jaw crusher are the frame, the rotating part of the eccentric shaft, the working part of the crushing chamber, the safety device, the adjustment device of the discharging mouth and so on.

  • 1. The frame part is composed by the side panel and front box assembly, box welding etc.
  • 2. the eccentric shaft rotation part: mainly by the the eccentric shaft, the bearing, the bearing base, the belt wheel and so on. Is the main part of the power transfer.
  • 3.the part of the crushing chamber: mainly by the fixed jaw plate, moving jaw plate, side lining plate, protective board, etc., is the working parts of broken material.
  • 4. the insurance device: from the elbow plate, elbow board seat, spring, spring rod, etc., is the crusher in the abnormal circumstances of the insurance parts of the role of insurance.
  • 5. discharging adjustment device: the device is used to adjust the size of the discharging port, controlling the granularity of the material. Mainly by the adjustment of the fixed block, adjust the sliding block, top screw bolts, slider
jaw crusher working principle

The European version of the jaw crusher is the electric motor as power, through the motor belt wheel, consists of a triangular belt and groove wheel drives the eccentric shaft and the movable jaw make reciprocating movement according to a predetermined trajectory, could enter the fixed jaw plate, the movable jaw plate and the side guard board, wherein the crushing cavity material to be broken, and through the lower part of the discharging mouth will finished materials discharged.

Close to the jaw crusher of crushing machine for curved extrusion type motor drive belt and belt wheel, the eccentric shaft so that the movable jaw movement, when the movable jaw rises elbow board and the movable jaw angle becomes larger, thus pushing the movable jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate. At the same time, the material is extruded, rubbing, grinding and other multiple broken; when the movable jaw down, elbow board and the movable jaw angle becomes small, the movable jaw plate on the pull rod, a spring leaves the fixed jaw plate, this time has been broken material from the crushing cavity mouth discharge, with the motor continuous rotary crusher jaw to make periodic crushing and discharging, realize batch production.

Jaw Crusher unique performance characteristic

  • 1.Institutional Design Is Novel

    New outer moving jaw uniform pendulum crusher, changed the use of more than 100 years to traditional pendulum jaw crusher four-bar linkage rod as the traditional design of moving jaw. A side plate of the crusher is made of a connecting rod in a four link mechanism.. Dynamic jaw and connecting rod separation, enable the movement characteristics of the connecting rod is no longer constrained dynamic movement of the jaw characteristics, for different applications and different crushing material properties, as long as the change of the structure parameter, you can adjust the moving jaw trajectory to meet different needs.

  • 2.Unique Structure

    (1)The outer moving jaw: the moving jaw is located outside the broken cavity, the periodic movement of the outer jaw movement helps to feed and discharging;

    (2)The broken cavity is inclined to reduce the equipment height;

    (3)The high transmission efficiency of the large transmission angle mechanism is high.;

    (4)The adjustable jaw by suspension axle suspension on the frame, the lower bracket is connected with the machine frame through, with adjusting shim control discharging granularity;

    (5)The cascade of crushing chamber, a common l set of four link mechanism, large crushing ratio.

  • 3.Excellent Performance

    (1)The crushing process can simplify the crushing process. Development of high crushing ratio jaw type crushing machine series, crushing ratio up to 15 ~ 20, is the traditional jaw type crushing ore Platts hardness machine factory of 3 ~ 4 times, greatly simplifying the crushing process. Due to the short process flow, reduce equipment units to be equipped with, requires the setting of auxiliary operation post will inevitably less; reducing equipment configuration requires the height difference, reduce the amount of civil and construction engineering, general and simple configuration technology; substantial savings in equipment, plant investment; operation cost is reduced greatly. Big crushing ratio jaw type crushing ore Platts hardness machine factory development of the successful implementation of the crushing field think long-term, fundamental simplified crushing process, use for a period of time, to replace the traditional two-stage or three-stage crushing the goal;

    (2)Low profile. Outer jaw and negative suspension structure design, greatly reduce the belt wheel and the flywheel of the height and the height of the complete machine, than with the specifications of the traditional jaw crusher ore Platts hardness, low 1 / 4-1 / 3; tilt cavity structure design and feeding equipment for planar process configuration greatly reduces the amount of feeding height and civil engineering.

    (3)Long life of liner board. Because of the ideal moving jaw trajectory, the component of the wear direction is small, the wear of the lining plate is significantly lower, the life of the lining plate is 3 - 5 times higher..

Technical data

Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PEW250×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×3560
PEW250×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×3560
PEW250×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×3560
PEW250×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×3560
PEW250×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×3560
PEW250×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×3560
PEW250×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×3560
PEW250×1200 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×3560

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