Portable Crusher

Our portable crusher plant can be tailored according to customer requirements, flexible configuration. The introduction of portable crusher station eliminates the cumbersome broken steel structure, foundation construction, save a lot of time. Portable crushing station can directly choose the venue directly to the scene, without transportation, directly to the finished granularity. Especially for small broken site, suitable for building garbage disposal, construction waste is broken.

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portable crusher plant

Portable crusher plant is widely applied in mines, coal mine, construction waste recycling reuse, earthwork, city infrastructure, road or construction sites, such as site operation, mainly used for processing surface soil and a variety of other materials, viscous separation coagulation aggregate, construction and demolition industry, after crushing sieving, quarrying industry, gravel, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, stone chips of artificial sand, cement concrete road reconstruction of the peel crushing and asphalt concrete regeneration of broken. Portable crusher station is convenient and flexible, strong maneuverability, save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; to on-site crushing of the material, and with the raw material mining face advancing movement, thus greatly reducing the material transport costs, specializing in the production of crushing, screening, conveying and rock fragmentation and mineral processing equipment.

portable crusher plant

Our portable crusher plant complete varieties, specifications series, the selection of room for large, wheeled portable crushing station points for standard type and closed type, and expand the high-end customers in accordance with the requirements introduced the multi combination, can maximize meet customer demand.

Standard type can be divided into: portable impact crusher, portable cone crusher,portable jaw crusher, vertical shaft impact portable crusher.

Closed circuit can be divided into: closed circuit portable jaw crushing station, closed circuit portable impact crushing station.

Single stand combination series can be divided into: portable jaw combination station, portable impact combination station,portable cone combination station.

portable crusher structure features

  • 1. flexibility, the rubber tyred series mobile crusher station vehicle chassis of the high, the turning radius is small, easy to common road, easier to in the crushing drive in the field in the rugged of bad road conditions. To save time for the fast stationed site. More conducive to the construction of reasonable area, for the overall fragmentation process provides a more flexible operation space.
  • portable crusher structure
  • 2. the integration of the entire unit, unit equipment installation concept, is the integration of group operations, eliminating the split components of complex infrastructure and ancillary facilities installation, lower the consumption of materials and man hour.
    The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit, the maximum optimization of the facility configuration in the space of the venue. Simple and compact layout of facilities, expanding the material stacking, transshipment space.
  • 3. to reduce material handling costs, the rubber tyred series mobile crusher station, based on the material "close to" principle, to the material of first-line broken, exempted the material is transported from site to crushing and processing of intermediate links, greatly reducing the material transport costs.
  • 4. operation directly effective, integrated tire series mobile crusher station can independent use, can also according to the customer on the flow of material type, product requirements, providing more flexible process configuration, meet broken mobile users, mobile screening and other requirements, more direct and effective production organization, logistics, transport, the cost to achieve maximum reduction.
  • quarry crusher
  • 5. strong adaptability configuration flexible, rubber tyred series mobile crusher station, for the customer provides simple and low cost characteristics unit configuration, for coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system, single unit Raiders to work independently, can also be flexible composition of joint operation of system configuration unit. Hopper side for screening material conveying mode provides a variety of configuration flexibility, diesel generator integrated configuration of units in addition to the power supply unit, can also targeted to the process system configuration unit power supply.
  • 6. reliable performance and convenient maintenance, the rubber tyred series mobile crusher station, configuration of a series of PE, PF series, HP series, PV series crusher, high crushing efficiency, multi functions, excellent crushing product quality, with lightweight reasonable structure design, excellent breaking performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance, the maximum range of coarse, medium and fine material crushing and screening requirements.

portable crusher working principle

Portable crushing station is mainly composed of feeding system, centralized control and monitoring system, broken system and so on.

1.feeding system

When the operator set production parameters, sensor devices will automatically detect the parameters and through the converter is transmitted to the feeder, make the whole system synchronous coordination work.

2.centralized control and remote monitoring system for bearings

Portable crushing and screening equipment of the individual units are independent development of our company, with independent intellectual property rights. Due to the technology of PLC and touch screen control of the application, the operating personnel can the equipment centralized control and vibration and temperature of bearing equipment, cone crusher machine unit for hydraulic cylinder pressure for remote monitoring.

Sensor using acceleration sensor and the temperature sensor, the bearing vibration and temperature of the real-time monitoring, when transmitting the sensor signal exceeds a preset warning value, it will send a siren, to alert the operator; when more than the normal value, achieves the warning value, alarm sound can be sent out automatically cut off to belt conveying machine power supply, stop feeding, after a time delay gradually in order to stop the single, to protect the entire system. The state monitoring module is also a pre-set computer access mouth, because the bearing fault is the main factor of equipment damage, so the sets of equipment will of bearing vibration waveform in time domain into frequency domain wave, in order to achieve for the rolling bearing fault analysis and to prevent damage to the bearing or bearing damage on the tip, for preventive maintenance to lay the foundation. At the same time, the complete sets of equipment in the cone crusher unit can according to the load condition, to keep an eye on the hydraulic cylinder, motor current value, feed hopper in raw material parameters and automatic according to the control signal by the use of oil pressure of the hydraulic cylinder to push the spindle, automatic adjustment and maintain the discharge port clearance, the oil pressure value, current value and material value were maintained at below a set value.

Portable crusher working principle: Portable crusher station main crushing equipment to the crusher (can use the jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher), material by feeder evenly sent to a crusher, crusher preliminary broken after by circular vibration sieve forming a closed loop system, realize the crushing the circulation of the material, in line with the size requirements of the material by the output conveyor, so as to achieve the purposes in the production. The mobile crusher station can also be according to the actual production need to remove circular vibration sieve, and direct to the material of preliminary broken, and then coordinate with other crushing equipment in the specific operation, convenient and flexible.

Typical case

Construction waste disposal site

With the development of the society, the construction waste is also increasing. To reduce pollution and utilize resources reasonably. The company ordered the construction waste disposal equipment in Germany and was used to deal with construction waste.. Main equipment: vibration feeder, belt conveyor, portable crusher plant.

[work hours]: 22 hours

[feeding]:construction waste, 120-1500mm

[Product]: 10-400mm

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