S Cone Crusher

S Cone Crusher

Spring cone crusher is the world's first conical crusher, is currently the world's most widely used, the stock of the larger crushing machinery. After the priority improvement s series cone crusher, the structure more reasonable and perfect, more advanced technical parameters, in the manufacture, installation, use, maintenance and other aspects were the outstanding embodiment.

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S cone crusher overview

S cone crusher in the introduction and absorption of foreign technology on the basis, according to the needs of customers, based on laminating crushing principle and more crushing and less grinding concept design and development of a high oscillating frequency and optimization of cavity and rational stroke in one of the modern high performance spring cone crusher, carved series of crushing machine can be widely used in metal and nonmetal ore, cement plant construction sand metallurgical industries. Is suitable for iron ore, nonferrous metals ore, granite, limestone, quartz,pebbles and other materials broken.

Compared with other models, S series high efficiency spring cone crusher broken arm long, large stroke, breaking force. The material can be broken up more effectively in crushing cavity.Daily operation, low maintenance cost, parts material selection and structure design is reasonable, the use of long life, broken arm length and reduce the load on the sliding bearing, gear and rack, broken, uniform product size, reducing the load cycle, hydraulic Qing cavity system is easy to operate, reduce the downtime, low power consumption, a reasonable distribution.

cone crusher working principle

cone crusher working principle

S cone crusher is mainly by the chassis, cone assembly, the total cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl type shaft frame and transmission and other parts of the composition. Its auxiliary parts, which consist of electrical system, dilute oil lubrication system, and hydraulic clearance system.. Fixed cone assembly is mainly composed of adjusting sleeve, a rolling mortar wall, dynamic cone assembly is mainly comprises a main shaft, a movable cone, crushing wall composition, transmission part mainly by large belt wheel, transmission shaft, bevel gear, bevel gear and other components.

When cone crusher work, by the motor through V belt, the big belt wheel, transmission shaft, bevel gear, bevel gear drives the rotation of the eccentric sleeve, crushing cone axis in the eccentric sleeve of forced to move under the rotation of the swing, the broken wall surface sometimes sometimes close to leave the cone surface, so as to make the material in crushing fixed cone and cone annular cavity continue to impact and extrusion and bending and crushing. After many extrusion, impact and bending, the material is broken to the granularity of the requirements, and the lower part is discharged.

cone crusher Performance and structure features

  • 1. High Performance

    Through the cavity optimization design and combining with reasonable speed and stroke, so that the models in the same dynamic cone diameter acting up. Therefore, compared with the same type of cone crusher, with higher performance and production capacity.

  • 2. Product Granularity Is Good

    The proportion of the cube in the product is increased obviously by the lamination fragmentation principle, the needle flake stone reduces and the grain size is more uniform.

  • 3. Good Stability

    When iron and other non broken material into the machine, iron protection device will automatically release, and then automatically reset. Iron protection has a fixed discharge point return point, the iron through the broken cavity, can quickly resume the original discharge port.

  • 4. Clear Cavity Convenient

    If the crusher stops at the load state, the hydraulic clearance system can quickly clean the broken cavity, greatly reducing the downtime.

  • 5. Easy Operation For Maintenance

    All the parts are able to assemble from the upper part or the side so fixed cone and movable cone assembly can be conveniently disassembled. Bronze sliding bearing in the high impact vibration crushing environment can maintain excellent load performance, and more economical than rolling bearings, more convenient maintenance.

  • 6. wide application

    S cone crusher is characterized in that crusher exert maximum performance to apply to various crushing process: from coarse crushed to fine, from the stationary crushing to mobile crushing station.

    Cone crusher from the thick broken to a crushing with various cavity type are available. Therefore, according to the crushing process selection type of crushing chamber.

Technical data

Model Movable Cone Diametermm (inch) Chamber Style Opening Side Closed Side Discharging Opening (mm) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Capacity (t/h) Machine Size (mm)
Max.Feeding (mm)
36(3′) 900 (3′) medium 83 102 9-22 580 6-75 Y315S-6/75 45-91 2821×1880 ×2164
coarse 159 175 13-38 59-163
36(3′) 914 (3′) fine 13 41 3-13 580 6-75 Y315S-6/75 27-90 2821×1880 ×2410
medium 33 60 3-16 27-100
coarse 51 76 6-19 65-140
51(4.25′) 1295 (4 1/4′) fine 109 137 13-31 485 6-185 Y355M2-6/185 109-181 2800×2342 ×2668
medium 188 210 16-31 132-253
coarse 216 241 19-51 172-349
51(4.25′) 1295 (4 1/4′) fine 29 64 3-16 485 6-160 Y355M1-6/160 36-163 2800×2342 ×2668
medium 54 89 6-16 82-163
coarse 70 105 10-25 109-227
66(5.5′) 1650 (5 1/2′) fine 188 209 16-38 485 6-240   181-327 3911×2870 ×3771
medium 213 241 22-51   258-417
coarse 241 268 25-64   299-635
66(5.5′) 1650 (5 1/2′) fine 35 70 5-13 485 6-240   90-209 3917×2870 ×3771
medium 54 89 6-19   136-281
coarse 98 133 10-25   190-336
84(7′) 2134 (7′) fine 253 278 19-38 435 6-400   381-726 5200×4300 ×4700
medium 303 334 25-51   608-998
coarse 334 369 31-64   870-1400
84(7′) 2134 (7′) fine 51 105 5-16 435 6-400   190-408 5200×4300 ×4700
medium 95 133 10-19   354-508
coarse 127 178 13-25   454-599

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